Santa Clarita Couple Arrested

A Santa Clarita couple was recently arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance for sale. Last week, deputies performing a probation compliance check at a Saugus home found several baggies of methamphetamine. They also found contraband associated with the sale of narcotics (usually, this includes items such as scales, small plastic baggies, rubber bands, and more). According to the deputies, the narcotics were found all over the house, and their juveni...

Mountainview Elementary School in Saugus Vandalized

Mountainview Elementary School in Saugus was vandalized last week by unknown suspects. The break-in appears to have occurred overnight, during which the suspects destroyed the school's computer lab, toppled bookcases in the library, smashed televisions and ripped screens from various classroom windows. As staff moved around the building surveying damage, they discovered that the library had been ransacked, but nothing appeared to be missing or broken. However, the school's computer lab suffer...

Mail Theft Suspects Arrested in Saugus

Photo By Mike Falardeau
Two mail theft suspects arrested in Saugus on Tuesday, August 12 are may also find themselvesĀ charged with burglary and grand theft. After receiving a call from a concerned neighbor, deputies arrived at a neighborhood near Plum Canyon and Rodgers Drive. When the deputies got there, the suspects were no longer attempting to break into anyone's home. Instead, deputies caught them as they were driving away. When the suspects' vehicle was searched, several UPS packages were discovered - all of which...