What Happens After You Are Arrested in Santa Clarita

For most people, contact with the police comes in the form of a traffic stop or some other minor infraction where they receive a ticket (or they don’t) and then can go on their way. But sometimes contact with the police results in arrest. If you know someone who has recently been arrested in Santa Clarita, or if you think you may be arrested, here is what happens.

Generally speaking, when a person is arrested and taken into custody, police take them to the station where the arrestee undergoes the booking and processing procedure. Police take your fingerprints and photograph and conduct a thorough background check to look for additional warrants. Once all of that is complete, one of two things will happen. First, if you are suspected of committing a misdemeanor or minor felony with a relatively low bail amount, you’ll probably be let go due to the Zero-BailĀ  Initiative.

However, those who are suspected of committing more serious crimes or who are ineligible for immediate release after arrest will be held in custody. The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station is in Canyon Country and is designed to hold a limited number of inmates. Inmates will be held at the SCV Sheriff Station for about 3 days. If the inmate is not released or bailed out during that time, they are transferred to one of Los Angeles’ large holding facilities located downtown. Should the SCV jail become overcrowded during that period, inmates might be transferred to larger jails sooner, so if you’re looking for fast bail bonds in Santa Clarita, it’s best to get someone out of jail before they’re transferred downtown.

It’s easy to bail someone out of the SCV Sheriff Station. It doesn’t typically take all that long, and the sooner you start the bail bond process, the better. If you have any questions regarding how to bail someone out in Santa Clarita or what happens after their arrest, we are here to help 24/7. Give us a call any time.