Types of Bonds

Jail CallsWhen someone has been arrested and taken into custody, a bail bond isn’t the only way to get them out of jail. There are actually a few different ways to bail someone out of jail, and knowing your options is key:

“A bail bond can be easily obtained within hours of learning a friend or loved one
has been arrested by that middle-of-the-night phone call.”

  • Bail Bonds

    These are far and away the most common method for getting someone out of jail. Their popularity stems from two pretty important features: they’re fast and they’re the least expensive option. The bail bond process does not take very long, and a bail bond can be easily obtained within hours of learning a friend or loved one has been arrested by that middle-of-the-night phone call. Additionally, California Insurance Law mandates that the cost of a bail bond is not to exceed 10% of the total bail amount. So, if bail is set at $10,000, the cost of a bail bond will be only $1,000.

  • Cash Bonds

    Once bail has been set, an individual can pay the full amount of bail to the court clerk and obtain the release of a defendant. When the defendant shows up on time for all of their court obligations, no matter what happens in court, the money paid for their release will be refunded, minus any relevant fees. If the defendant does not show up for court, the money is forfeited to the court and a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest.

  • Property Bonds

    A property bond is when someone puts up a piece of property in lieu of cash to bail someone out of jail. For a piece of property to qualify, the owner must have equity at least equal to the total amount of bail. Once the piece of property is put up, the court will have an appraiser check it out and ensure that it qualifies. While property bonds are an effective way to obtain someone’s release from custody, they’re also the slowest. It can take several weeks for the property to make it through the appraisal process, during this time the defendant will remain in custody of law enforcement. Just like with cash bonds, as long as the defendant shows up for court, the property will remain in the original owner’s possession once the court process completes. If they do not, the courts will take over ownership.

Which method will best suit your needs will depend upon your situation. Not everyone will necessarily have the funds to pay a cash bond, or have property that qualifies for a property bond.

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