Century Regional Detention Facility – Lynwood Jail

CRDF/Lynwood Jail Bail Bonds and Inmate Information

If you know someone who has been arrested and taken into custody at Century Regional Detention Facility, A.K.A, Lynwood Jail for women, you probably have a lot of questions as to how to get them out fast. Our company has been in the bail bond industry for years, and can quickly answer any and all of your questions and get the bail bond process started immediately.

If you would like to speak with a licensed, professional bail bondsman immediately about CRDF / Lynwood Jail bail bonds, please feel free to give us a call any time. Our offices are open 24-hours a day, 365-days a year and someone is always available to take your call. We can be reached at 661-299-2663 or toll-free at 855-728-2245.

Lynwood Jail (CRDF) Information

Century Regional Detention Facility/Lynwood Jail
11705 South Alameda Street
Lynwood, CA 90262
Phone: 323-568-4800
Inmate Info: 213-473-6080
24-Hour Lynwood Jail Bail Bond Info: 661-299-2663
LASD Inmate Info

The Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF for short) is also known as, The Lynwood Jail and is where many female arrestees end up that have been taken into custody in Los Angeles County. It’s also been the temporary home to a slew of celebrity inmates like Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Fleiss and Paris Hilton. Despite the fact that it houses women, men can also be sent here, though most of the time, men are sent to Twin Towers Jail or Men’s Central Jail.

The Century Regional Detention Facility Jail may also be referred to as:
  • Lynwood Jail
  • Century Station Jail
  • The Los Angeles County Women’s Jail
  • CRDF

There were two rehabilitation programs being held at CRDF/Lynwood. However, they have been relocated to North Pitchess Detention Center. CRDF continues to provide a booking center for Century Station, Compton Sheriff’s Station and for all female prisoners.

Visitation at CRDF

Lynwood Jail visiting hours are from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm with a lunch break between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm. Visitors must first obtain a visitors ID number either online at https://visit.lasd.org/app or in-person at CRDF. Once a visitors ID number has been obtained, visitation appointments can be made online at the site listed above or by calling, 323-568-4520.

Visitors must arrive at the jail at least 30-minutes prior to their scheduled visit. Two visitors are allowed per visit (with a child counting as one visitor) and cell phones are not allowed. All visitors are subject to search while on jail property and anyone found to be in possession of contraband, weapons, or other prohibited items is subject to arrest.

Why Bail Someone Out?

When someone is in police custody, they can miss work, school, or be otherwise unable to attend to family obligations which can lead to lost jobs, homes, or even kids.

When you bail someone out of jail, it gives them the freedom to continue living their life while they await their court date. They can use this time to find legal counsel, continue working and/or attending classes, and, if necessary, make appropriate arrangements should they expect to spend time in jail.

The Bail Bond Process

Bailing someone out of jail is probably a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is give us a call and provide some general information about the inmate so that we can locate him or her within the system. Then, we have you fill out the bail bond application forms and sign the indmenitor’s agreement. Last, we send an agent to the jail where they will post the bond and your friend or loved one will be released as soon as possible.

All of our forms are simple and straight forward, but if you have any questions, a bail bondsman will be more than happy to go over them with you step-by-step.

If you’re unable to meet with us in person, we’re equipped to handle the bail bond process from start to finish via phone, fax or email. Times like this can be stressful, and sometimes our clients feel more comfortable dealing with it from their own home or office, and that’s fine by us.

The Cost of a Bail Bond

We accept a variety of payment options, including Major credit/debit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card and Discover) as well as cash, checks (business or personal), money orders, bank account transfers and money wire.

We also provide a number of flexible payment options for those who wish to finance their bail bond. Our clients can choose between weekly and monthly payment options – both of which are interest free! Unlike some other bondsmen, we never include any additional fees or annual renewal charges in the cost of a bail bond.

If you would like to speak with a professional bail bondsman now about Lynwood Jail bail bonds, please feel free to give us a call at 661-299-2663. We’re here around the clock to take your call and help put your mind at ease.