New SCV Sheriff Station Nearly Open

The brand new, state-of-the-art sheriff station on Golden Valley is nearly complete. The station is 46,552 square feet and is twice as big as the existing sheriff station in Valencia. The new station also has a vehicle maintenance facility that’s over 4,000 square feet and includes a helipad and communications tower.

50 years ago when the original sheriff station was built, the SCV only had a population of about 50,000. Over the decades, the population has expanded significantly to over 290,000. One of the main benefits of the station is that the entire workforce, both civilian and sheriff’s deputies, can fit under one roof. Currently, the detective bureau works out of a remote facility.

Considered an “essential use facility,” the new, larger sheriff station and jail was built to one-and-a-half times the earthquake requirements. This was done to ensure that in the event of a catastrophic earthquake, the station would still be standing and operable. It has also been equipped with a gigantic diesel-powered generator with an output of 1,000 kw an hour. It can run for 72-hours on one tank and power every light in the station.

A powerful generator like this ensures that the station will be operable in the event of a major emergency or power outage.

Deputies are particularly excited about a few features that the new station will include. One of which is the large outdoor maintenance facility. It has a vehicle car wash area, fuel pumps, and covered lockers where deputies can put their things.

The maintenance facility is going to help a great deal. Currently, when vehicles need to be serviced, they have to be either sent to downtown LA or to the Pitchess detention center. Being able to do most repairs on-site will save a lot of hassle.

It’s unknown what will be done with the current sheriff station once they make the switch to the new one. The county is currently looking into possibilities.