Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Robbery Charges

In a recent and rather bizarre case, a woman was arrested outside a bank for an alleged robbery. According to the suspect, a man outside with a small child gave the note to the woman and demanded she obtain money from the bank or he was going to harm the child. During the robbery, the suspect went through a change of heart and returned the money to the teller; unfortunately for her, police were already on their way. Investigators are currently trying to figure out if the suspect's story is true ...

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Domestic Violence Charges

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When someone commits assault and battery on their spouse, fiance, cohabitant, dating partner, or the parent of their child, the alleged crime will likely be charged under California's domestic violence laws. Accusations of domestic violence are serious crimes, and most district attorney's offices in the state have a special unit which is dedicated to prosecuting these crimes. As a matter of fact, cases of alleged domestic violence charges are often prosecuted even if the alleged victim recants, ...

Understanding the Felony Court Process

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Understanding the Felony Court Process Crimes in California are typically defined by the type of punishment that's associated with it. Felonies, for example, are defined under the California Penal Code as "any crimes that are punishable by death or by imprisonment in state prison." For felony charges to be filed, police will fill out a report and hand it over to the district attorney. Sometimes these reports are filled out as the result of an arrest, but not always. Police reports are also th...