Carjacking Suspects Were Arrested in Castaic

Photo By Greg Scales
On Monday, two carjacking suspects were arrested in Castaic by deputies working out of the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station. The car, a white Honda Civic, had license plates matching those of a car reported stolen. The car was parked at a Carl's Jr. restaurant when deputies ran the plates. When the deputy called in that he had located the missing vehicle, he was notified that the suspects were armed. The deputy then called in for assistance to clear the area of any bystanders. The arrest was uneven...

Suspect Sought in Castaic Vandalism Case

Photo By: Kevin Dooley
Detectives working out of the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station are investigating a case of vandalism in Castaic. According to the report, several names were spray painted on the side of an apartment complex, with each name accompanied by its own derogatory slur. Regarding the names, 3 of them are known residents of the complex, and 2 are staff members who work in management of the property. While the names are accompanied by derogatory slurs, the incident is not currently being investigated as a ha...