Unattended Dog Rescued From Car in Valencia

At about 11:15 am on June 2oth, a woman walking through the parking garage near the Edwards Theater at the Valencia Town Center noticed a heavily panting dog inside a car parked on the bottom floor. The vehicle was parked in a spot designated for a maximum of 90-minute parking only and waited for awhile for the owner of the car to return. When the owner didn't show up, the woman called the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station and Deputy Ana Rubalcava responded a short time later. Upon the deputy's a...

When Throwing a Wine Glass Leads to Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Photo by Flamingo331
When throwing a wine glass leads to assault with a deadly weapon, a Florida woman faces serious prison time. A mother was arrested this past weekend in Canyon Country under suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Her weapon of choice: a wine-filled wine glass. According to reports, the 43-year-old suspect was at her previous residence, where her daughter now lives, in Canyon Country near Shadow Pines Blvd. The suspect, currently a Florida resident, had stopped by her previous residence to ...

Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: What is a Citation Release?

Photo By Forest and Kim Starr
Recently, a couple was arrested in the Santa Clara River wash under suspicion of child endangerment. The couple had recently been preaching underneath the Interstate 5 overpass at Hasley Canyon Road. Residents of Santa Clarita were familiar with the pair, as aside from preaching under freeway overpasses, they had manned a booth for the past 4 years at the Valencia Town Center where they promoted the gospel. Upon being taken into custody, the couple's four preschool-aged children were sent to ...