Santa Clarita Road Rager Sought for Firing at SUV

Photo By Beelgin
A woman was driving her SUV with her family inside in Santa Clarita when she casually decided to use her vehicle's windshield washer. When she did so, some of the liquid sprayed onto a neighboring car, sparking outrage. The driver of the neighboring car, a grey Honda Civic, pulled up alongside the SUV and motioned to the driver to roll down her window. When she did, the man in the Honda yelled at her for splashing his new car with her windshield washer fluid. The woman apologized and rolled up h...

Teens Recognized by Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Deputies

Photo By: Newtown Graffiti
Last week saw a pretty terrifying scenario play out in Agua Dulce. According to Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies, a little girl was sitting on her grandfather's lap in his Agua Dulce mobile home when a stranger armed with a knife entered. The stranger, Thomas Ray Dillingham, brandished a large kitchen knife and allegedly told the grandfather, Oscar Mendez, that he was "taking the baby." A struggle ensued in which Dillingham reportedly tried to stab Mendez and was able to abscond with the 2...