Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Twin Towers

When a person is arrested and taken into custody in Santa Clarita, they’re almost always going to be taken to the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station to undergo booking and processing. At the end of the process bail is set, if the defendant is eligible. At that point the defendant can be bailed out of the jail.

However, if the jail at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station is overcrowded, or if a defendant isn’t bailed out after about 72-hours, the police will probably transfer the suspect to one of the larger jails in downtown Los Angles, such as Twin Towers.

The bail bond process is similar when you need to bail someone out of Twin Towers Jail. Start by calling us and providing some identifying information about the person you want to bail out of jail. We’ll use the info to locate them within the jail system and verify their eligibility for bail.

After all that has been established, we have you fill out and sign our short, simple bail bond application forms. Last, we send our agent to the jail to post the bond. You friend or loved one will be released once the jail can process them out.

The main differences between bailing someone out of the SCV Sheriff Station jail and Twin Towers are twofold: the location and the time it takes to get the defendant out of custody.

When a bail bond is posted at the SCV Sheriff Station jail, it can take a few hours to get the defendant released. However, Twin Towers is a far busier jail than the SCV Sheriff Station (Twin Towers is one of the busiest jails in the world). As a result, once a bond is posted it can take upwards of 12 hours for them to get released – and sometimes longer! It depends a lot on the time of day the bond is posted and how many people are in front of the defendant in the queue.