Supporting Someone Post-Arrest

Finding out that a friend or loved one was arrested and taken into custody is nothing if not stressful, and often leads to a lot of questions. How do you help them? What do they need? Knowing what to do when someone has been recently arrested helps minimize some of the stress that comes with knowing someone you care for is in jail.

What Do They Need Right Now?

Does your friend or loved one suffer from a mental or physical disability? Are they on medications? Everyone exists under different circumstances, and we all have different needs. Advocates for inmates with mental or physical health issues are available, and it’s possible to get them their medications if needed. However, it’s up to you to find out how to get them the support they need. They can do very little for themselves while in custody.

Make Plans for the Possible Bail Hearing

With LA County’s Zero-Bail Policy still in effect, anyone who is arrested and not immediately released is probably going to need to be bailed out. You can either call a bail bondsman immediately, or have the inmate’s legal defense request a bail hearing to try to get the amount reduced or removed entirely.

Call A Bail Bondsman

Bail is usually set as the last step in the arrest and booking process. As such, once you find out someone has been arrested, you can immediately begin the bail bond process to get them out. The bail bond process in Santa Clarita is pretty simple, and the bail bond process doesn’t take all that long. In some cases a person can be released a few short hours after their arrest.

Ensure the Defendant Adheres to All Bail Conditions

Once you’ve bailed someone out of jail, you want to make sure that they stick to any conditions the judge may have placed on their release. Sometimes, a judge might order a defendant to avoid alcohol, attend AA, continue going to work or school, or avoid congregating with certain people or groups. Whatever the conditions may be, they must be followed for someone to remain out on bail.