Labor Day 2018 Safety Tips from Santa Clarita Bail Bonds

Labor Day weekend is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, and the roads are much more dangerous over this three-day stretch than they are most other times. One of the best ways to stay safe in Santa Clarita over the upcoming Labor Day weekend is by planning ahead. If you plan to host a party, get-together, barbecue, or all of the above, here are a few handy tips that can help keep your friends and family safe:

Always make sure that your guests have a sober ride home if they’re going to leave your place. Taxis, ride sharing apps, or even public transportation is better than getting behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. If someone has no safe ride home, insist that they stay at your place. You can save a lot of headache by clearing room for overnight guests before your party begins, and knowing you expected people to stay over may help convince friends who otherwise wouldn’t want to impose.

Insist that anyone who plans on doing any drinking at your party turn their keys over before they consume any alcohol. People may feel fine after a few drinks, but studies have shown that just one can significantly inhibit their motor skills and increase reaction times.

Provide quality non-alcoholic drinks for those who plan to serve as designated drivers. Additionally, make sure there’s plenty of food at your party. On Labor Day weekend, a holiday as synonymous with outdoor barbecues as it is with alcohol, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, even those working on a tight budget should try and provide some type of food to keep their friends from getting too drunk too quickly.

Safe driving isn’t just about avoiding alcohol – fatigue can inhibit someone’s ability to drive as well. If you host a party that lasts late into the night/early morning, treat those who seem sleepy the same as you would someone who’s been drinking. It isn’t just your friends’ ability to drive that could be dangerous, but the ability of other drivers on the roads; not everyone takes the same caution when it comes to driving under the influence.