Santa Clarita Bail Bonds for Robbery Charges

In a recent and rather bizarre case, a woman was arrested outside a bank for an alleged robbery. According to the suspect, a man outside with a small child gave the note to the woman and demanded she obtain money from the bank or he was going to harm the child. During the robbery, the suspect went through a change of heart and returned the money to the teller; unfortunately for her, police were already on their way. Investigators are currently trying to figure out if the suspect’s story is true and, if so, who the man outside the bank was.

When someone is arrested in Santa Clarita on robbery charges, their bail will be set depending on whether the robbery was first-degree or second-degree. Robbery is covered under California Penal Code 211 PC and is described as taking property from another person’s body or immediate presence, against their will, and using force or fear to do so. Robbery is always a felony in California, though there are certain circumstances involved that can mitigate the severity of the crime.

First-degree robbery is when someone commits the crime explained above and:

  • The victim of the robbery is a driver or passenger on a bus, taxi, streetcar, subway car, etc.
  • The robbery takes place in an inhabited structure, or
  • The victim just used an ATM and is still in the vicinity of the ATM

Second-degree robbery is defined as any robbery that doesn’t meet the criteria for first-degree robbery.

Bail for first-degree robbery charges is set at $100,000 while bail for second-degree robbery charges is set at $50,000. Both bail amounts are as stated in the 2017 Los Angeles County Bail Schedule. Santa Clarita bail bonds for robbery charges can be posted by our agents any time of day or night, as well as on holidays and on weekends.