Can Judges Deny Bail?

Can Judges Deny Bail
Can judges deny bail? Bail is a right guaranteed to every citizen by the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution. However, there are certain circumstances under which a defendant can be denied the right to bail. Read on to learn a little more about reasons why bail might get denied. Repeat Offender When someone is on probation or parole and they commit another crime, they'll probably be arrested. Depending on the nature of the crime the defendant committed, they might have their bail forfeited...

What Are Bail Conditions?

What Are Bail Conditions
Just what are bail conditions, anyway? Some people think that once you get bailed out of jail, the only responsibility you have is to make sure to show up for court at the appointed date and time. Unfortunately, there's a lot more involved with being bailed out of jail. Upon Being Bailed Out of Jail Many defendants must agree to follow certain bail conditions once they're released from custody. These conditions are designed to keep both the defendant and the community safe pending their trial....

How Fast Is Bail Set?

How Fast Is Bail Set
Have you ever wondered: "how long does it take to set bail?" When a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken into custody, you probably want them out as fast as can be. However, nobody can be bailed out of jail before bail has been set. Read on to learn more about how fast bail is set. Setting Bail After Arrest Generally, when someone is arrested, bail is set pursuant to the Los Angeles County Bail Schedule. For some people, bail will be set at the end of the booking and processing p...