SCV Sheriff Station Report – Catalytic Converter Theft on the Rise

Deputies at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station recently posted on the agency’s Facebook page that catalytic converter theft is on the rise. The post reads:

“Theft of catalytic converters have been on the rise lately, especially in Prius, Honda elements, and Ford F250s. It is attached to the exhaust system of your vehicle, located under your car. Catalytic converters can easily be “scrapped” for quick profit.
But how can you protect your vehicle? One way is to engrave your license plate onto the converter. Our deputies are continuously working hard to conduct crime suppressions and recover stolen catalytic converters. Engraving/etching your license plate onto the converter will assist deputies in locating its’ original owner.
Other ways include parking your vehicle in well lit areas with surveillance cameras, have bolts on the converter welded shut, and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood.”
A catalytic converter is an emissions control device that reduces toxic gases and other poisons from internal combustion engines by catalyzing an oxidation and reduction reaction that makes the poisonous emissions less poisonous. They often contain rare and expensive components, such as platinum, and have long been a target for thieves. When stolen, the catalytic converters are stripped of their valuable metals and sold to recycling plants or other institutions for cash.
To protect your vehicle from thieves, it’s best to park in well-lit areas overnight, or to have the bolts welded on, making it much, much more difficult (if not impossible) for opportunistic thieves to remove the part from your car.