Don’t Forget Your 9pm Routine

Mayor Bob Kellar reached out to Santa Clarita residents via The Signal to remind residents not to forget their 9pm routine in the wake of recent happenings. The 9 pm routine is a set of behaviors intended to reduce your risk of being victimized this summer.

The 9 pm routine was so named because law enforcement and city officials ask residents to secure their homes at 9 pm – a time when the sunlight disappears and opportunistic individuals stalk the streets in search of a target. The target could be anything from breaking into your home or vehicle to something as simple as walking up to an open garage and stealing power tools to sell. If you’re unfamiliar with the routine, below is a brief description of what you should do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this summer.

For starters, make sure all the windows to your home are closed and locked with the exception of a room you happen to be in. If you’re going to be spending time in your living room, for example, you don’t need to close those windows until you leave the room for the night. Next, double-check the windows and doors of your vehicle to ensure they’re secure, and make sure your garage door is closed. Wherever you park your car (but especially if you park on the street) do your best to park in the light as opposed to the darkness. Street lights can make criminals think twice about breaking into your vehicle because of the enhanced visibility the lights provide. Last but not least when it comes to your vehicle, make sure no valuables are visible or remove them from your vehicle entirely.

As far as inside your home goes, make sure the stove and all of your appliances that don’t need to constantly run (like the fridge) are shut off. It’s also a good idea to check your faucets and make sure they are completely closed. A drippy faucet may not seem like much, but it adds up.

Ultimately there’s no way to make sure you’re 100% safe from being victimized, but by you and your neighbors going through the 9 pm routine, you can seriously reduce your risk.