Santa Clarita Sheriff Station Report: Suspected Identity Thief Arrested

On Friday, June 1st, Santa Clarita Sheriff Station deputies arrested an individual on suspicion of several felony charges who was on the run from Idaho. According to the SCV Sheriff Station Facebook page:

“Around 2:30 a.m. on Friday, deputies were conducting patrol checks around businesses on The Old Road when they pulled behind one of the closed business and noticed a full-sized pickup truck parked in a secluded area of the parking lot. It was the only vehicle there. As they drove closer, they saw there was a male occupant. They wanted to make contact with him to make sure he was ok being that it was in the middle of the night, and the business was closed, and on the flip side make sure that he wasn’t up to anything he shouldn’t be up to because we want to protect businesses from nighttime burglaries. Deputies learned that the driver was from the state of Idaho and upon closer inspection, they saw that he had BURGLARY TOOLS.

Using law enforcement resources, deputies discovered this Idaho man had three warrants in the system; one for grand auto theft issued from a California courthouse, and two warrants out of Utah. Not only did this man have warrants and burglary tools, but he was also found to be in possession of approximately 70 items that he shouldn’t have been in possession of including identity theft manufacturing devices, stolen identifications, social security cards, and credit cards. Deputies transported and booked the suspect on numerous fraud and theft charges, and the suspect remains in custody with a “No Bail” hold regarding his fugitive status from the state of Idaho. We lock up the criminals so our SCV residents can sleep safe and sound.”

Most suspects arrested on felony charges are eligible for bail, the individual arrested on Friday was one of the few who were not.