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Parole – How It Works

Parole - How It Works

Parole - How It Works

Parole refers to a type of conditional freedom that an incarcerated person can obtain. However, while they are out on parole, the “parolee” must adhere to a strict set of guidelines and rules that govern their behavior.

How Parole Works

Most parole is discretionary parole. That means that an inmate is granted their parole at the discretion of the parole board and before their sentence is up. Basically, it allows the inmate to live out the rest of their sentence in the free world provided they adhere to some rules during the remainder of their time. For discretionary parole, a parole hearing must be set where the incarcerated person attends and makes their case for parole.

Another type of parole is mandatory parole. Mandatory parole comes after an inmate’s sentence, not in lieu of it as with discretionary parole.

Parole is not a guaranteed right. Inmates must behave themselves in jail and make efforts to improve their situation once they get out in order to qualify for parole. Some criminal statutes grant the right to a parole hearing, but none grant the “right” to being paroled – that is, let out of jail before your sentence is done.

Parole Conditions

As mentioned, certain conditions are usually placed on the parolee before they are released. They can include things like:

There are many more possible conditions that could be put on someone in order for them to qualify for parole. Should the person violate any of these conditions, they could get hit with a parole violation and sent back to jail. Parole violations can be punished by up to a year in jail.

But, the worst punishment is usually having to spend the remainder of their sentence behind bars in addition to the extra year (or so) they might have gotten by violating the conditions of their parole.

Let Santa Clarita Bail Bonds Help You

Sometimes innocent people are accused of violating their parole. Other times people make mistakes. Either way, it’s possible to bail someone out of jail after they are accused of a parole violation. If you ever need help or simply have questions regarding parole, feel free to call us at Santa Clarita Bail Bonds any time. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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